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The Bel-Air Residences provides a set of top-of-the-line and high-quality features and amenities that each of its residents will surely enjoy.

First off the list is the exquisite clubhouse that is designed to match the modern Zen architecture of the housing units and the rest of the community. It is open for every resident and their guests wherein they can hold social events, public gatherings, private meetings, or any other occasion. It features several patios that surround its exterior and an enclosed air-conditioned space.

There is also a space for a barbeque pit where families and friends can cook meals outdoors and enjoy a picnic. They can also relax and enjoy by the huge swimming pool that features a kiddie pool so young kids can also indulge in and join the fun.

The Bel-Air Residences also offers venues for fitness and fun. There is an open basketball court dedicated for the sports enthusiasts who would want to break a sweat by playing a game or two of basketball or any other outdoor sports that is suitable to be played on the court.

The gated community also offers sufficient jogging paths so that the residents can have a secured, marked paths to enjoy a simple strolling, walking, or jogging. The cool breeze of Lipa perfectly accords to such physical activities.

The parents will no longer have to bring their children to someplace else to spend playtime because there is a safe and fun playground within the village that every child and kids-at-heart can spend their afternoons and weekends at. It can be an avenue for the parents and their children to spend some quality time or for the kids to meet new friends in the neighborhood. It will also provide an opportunity for the kids to do physical activities instead of just spending all their time playing electronic gadgets.

Further, there are multiple parks throughout the community wherein families can hold a picnic or just stroll around while appreciating the scenic views surrounding the area. There is also a Zen garden that is just a perfect venue to relax and appreciate nature. The Bel-Air Residences also features a “Wisdom Walk” or an allotted corridor within the community that allows meditation space for the residents.

The whole community is ensured with safety and security for there are roaming guards 24/7 within the property. The grand entrance gate is also equipped with a manned guard house so that all entry and exit of various people will be monitored for added security. The whole community is also enclosed by a perimeter fence and roads are provided for with sufficient street lights so residents can still be safe during the night.

Lastly, the Bel-Air Residences also offers community organization so that residents can have better access to community-based opportunities, projects, activities, seminars, and other activities.

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  • BBQ Pit
  • Fitness Facility
  • Swimming Pool / Kiddie Pool
  • Basketball
  • Play Ground
  • Jogging Path
  • Multiple Parks
  • Zen Garden
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